Air Valve AVK  series 41 swing check valves come with both metal and resilient seats. Installed in pumping applications to prevent back flow they can be used for drinking water as well as waste water. The disc is connected to the shaft via a flexible bush that allows disc and valve seat to adjust exactly. All interior parts are stainless steel or coated with drinking water approved epoxy or EPDM. The series 41 valves are available with either closed bushings or protruding shaft end where a lever with a weight or a spring can be fitted to mitigate pressure surges.

Product description:
Brand : AVK
Type : Swing Gate Valve
Series : 41/69-003
Size : PN10/16(DN50-150) PN10(DN200-300) PN16(DN200-300)
For drinking water and neutral liquids to max. 70°C

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